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Percentage grades are given, in grades 1-8, to reflect actual achievement. Please note that Liberty’s Grading Scale is accelerated in comparison to other district schools.

Liberty’s Grading Scale

A = 94 - 100 Percent
B = 86 - 93 Percent
C = 77 - 85 Percent
D = 69 - 76 Percent
F = Below 69 Percent


Report cards are issued every nine weeks, taken home by the students, signed by the parents, and returned. The information on the report card includes grades reflecting student achievement in all subjects as well as an evaluation of the child’s behavior as shown in Citizenship. Progress reports for all students will be sent home at the midpoint of each grading period. The progress reports will show an average of each core subject and teacher comments. The 6th –8th graders will also receive a list of all assignments and grades for each core subject on all assignments to date in the grading period. The progress reports are to be signed by the parents and returned.


Students in grades 4 through 8 are eligible for the Honor Roll or Principal's List at the end of the grading period. Students having academic grades of all A's and B's, and performance and citizenship grades of “S”, “O”, or “N” at the end of the grading period, are automatically placed on the Honor Roll. Students earning all A's in their academic grades and performance and citizenship grades of “S”, “O”, or “N” are automatically placed on the Principal's List. Honor Roll and Principal’s List students should have also scored 77% or higher on their Timed Tests, met or exceeded their Reading Counts Goals, and middle school students must also perform at an “A” or “B” level in their exploratory class. Students who have a citizenship grade of "U" at the end of the grading period are not eligible for Honor Roll or Principal's List.


A citizenship grade is on each student's report card in addition to their academic grades in order to inform the parent as to their child's behavior at school. This grade is a reflection of all of their teachers’ input (including music and physical education.)

OUTSTANDING: A grade of "O" means that a student has outstanding citizenship and consistently demonstrates leadership, responsibility and respect. His/her actions are in accordance with both classroom and school rules. Furthermore, effort is put forth in both assignments and behavior. This means that outstanding students NEVER get into trouble or violate the rules. These students are a role model for others and are always respectful, organized, and well-mannered students who always stay on task in the classroom, turn in ALL their work when it is due. Consistent lack of parent signature in the agenda and on graded papers with no note of extenuating circumstances is seen as a lack of responsibility on the student's part.

SATISFACTORY: A grade of "S" means that a student has satisfactory citizenship which constitutes a satisfactory (average) performance in all the listed areas a majority of the time. Most of the students will fall into this category. For the majority of the time the students at Liberty are very well behaved. Sometimes though, they choose for one reason or another to violate the rules. Those violations may place them into a range of average citizenship scores: S+ means that they rarely violate rules, S means that they occasionally violate rules, and S - means they often violate rules but not quite enough to warrant a more serious mark.

NEEDS IMPROVEMENT: A grade of "N" means that a student needs improvement in classroom behavior and/or following school rules. Teachers maintain that any time a student warrants a discipline referral of level 2 or above they will be placed in this category. Bus tickets, consistent or severe attitude or behavior problems, or defiance of authority will also earn that student this grade on their report card.

UNSATISFACTORY: A grade of "U" indicates that there has been either serious or repeated disciplinary referrals or an inappropriate attitude frequently demonstrated by the student. Teachers usually reserve this mark for the most severe infractions or a student who continues to act in an inappropriate manner or has not taken any efforts to improve their behavior. Any discipline of level 4 or above or repeated incidents in the lower levels can result in this grade.

The Discipline Policy and Infraction Levels are found on pages 26 - 30.

The middle school teachers use the follow criteria for assigning citizenship grades:

0 BIPS = O or S+, 1 BIP = S, 2 BIPS = S-, 3-5 BIPS or 1 Referral = N, 6+ BIPS or 2+ Referrals = U


Moving automatically from one grade to the next is not always the best thing for a child. Some children have a better chance for success if they remain at a grade level for an extra year. The HUSD Governing Board has policies in place that are consistent with state guidelines for promotion from grade to grade. These policies are available at the school office. If the teacher thinks your child will benefit by staying in his or her current grade, you will be involved in meetings with the teacher, principal and other staff members involved with your child’s education. However, state law provides that the final promotion/retention decision is for the classroom teacher. If you choose not to accept the teacher’s decision, you may request in writing that the Governing Board review the decision.