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Discipline Policy

Liberty Traditional School has a highly disciplined, tightly structured, calm, and orderly atmosphere. Respect, courtesy, friendliness and cheerfulness are emphasized. To ensure this, teachers establish and teach both school and classroom rules. Consequences for inappropriate behavior are clearly spelled out and enforced in accordance with district policies and procedures. Every effort is made to keep parents informed during each step of the disciplinary process.



We ask students to be thoughtful of others both inside and outside the school buildings. Items that might disrupt class or cause injury should be left at home. These include such things as chewing gum, candy, skates, skateboards, baseballs, toys, trading cards, all electronics, (cell phones, CD players, Gameboys, etc). No items are to be sold on campus to students or faculty unless it is a school-approved fundraiser.


When a student brings a cell phone to school, it must be turned off and located inside their backpack. It cannot be taken out of the backpack or turned on until that student is physically off campus. The following actions will be taken if a student violates this policy.

o 1st offense – cell phone will be given back at the end of the day to the student along with a BIP.

o 2nd– parent will be required to pick up the cell phone in the office and the student will be given a Referral.

o 3rd offense – the student will not be allowed to bring a cell to school for the remainder of the year and they will receive a referral.


Cheating is considered a serious breach of teacher - student trust at Liberty Traditional School. A student caught cheating will receive an automatic zero on that test or assignment with no possibility of a make-up. The teacher will immediately inform the parent by phone and ask for parent input on permanently resolving the situation. The student will receive a Referral.


Students at Liberty Traditional School have rights. They also have the responsibility to conduct themselves appropriately. If a student fails to fulfill this responsibility, disciplinary action will follow. In disciplinary cases, each student is entitled to due process. This means that students:

* Must be informed of the accusations against them,

* Must have opportunity to accept or deny the accusations,

* Must have explained to them the factual basis for the accusation and

* Must have a chance to present an alternative factual position if the accusations are denied.

You may obtain a copy of the discipline matrix in the office.

Humboldt Unified School District Bus Rules

The district provides bus service to and from Liberty School. Most of our students ride busses to and from school each day. There are explicit rules that must be followed when riding a school bus. State and federal laws determine many of these rules. There are also very specific consequences for breaking the rules while riding on a bus.

Follow driver's directions.

Remain properly seated and keep aisles clear.

Sit in assigned seat.

No throwing objects (including paper) inside or out of the bus.

No tampering with bus equipment, poking holes or writing on seats.

Must have note to get off at unassigned bus stop.

No swearing, foul language or profane gestures.

No eating, drinking or using tobacco products (including matches, lighters, etc.).

No spitting or littering

No unnecessary noise.

No body parts outside of the bus window.

No rude, discourteous or annoying conduct.

No fighting, pushing, tripping, hitting.


Animals, insects or reptiles shall not be transported on a school bus.

Glass items shall not be transported in a school bus.

Weapons of any sort, explosives, fireworks, smoke or stink bombs or other dangerous objects shall not be transported.

Any items that would cause a safety hazard will not be transported.


Report #1: Conference with principal, parents notified

Report #2: Off all busses from 2-5 school days

Report #3: Off all busses from 5-10 school days

Report #4: Off all busses from 10-45 school days

Report #5: Off all busses from 45-90 school days

Report #6: Off all busses for remainder of the school year