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Frequently Asked Questions about BIPs

What does BIP stand for?

Behavior Improvement Paper. When a student receives a BIP, they should see it as a warning that their behavior needs to improve in that particular area. In the elementary grades, the students write on the BIPs how they will change their behavior in the future. This is not required in middle school, but is good for the students to think about it on their own.

What are the most common reasons for getting a BIP?

Missing homework, dress code violations, tardies, food or gum in the classroom, passing notes, horseplay, disruptive behavior, disrespect.

Why are BIPs given?

Liberty Traditional School primarily uses BIPs as a notice to parents of student behavior. We want parents to know right away if students are misbehaving or not keeping up with their school work. We believe that these problems are most successfully addressed by the parent and school working together, so we want parents to be well-informed.

What are the consequences of a BIP?

For a single BIP, there are no direct consequences at school. The paper is just a warning. However, parents are encouraged to have their own consequences at home that can support the school and help students improve their behavior.

What are the consequences of multiple BIPs?

When a child is given their third BIP, an office referral is issued and consequences given by an administrator. Every third BIP thereafter results in an additional referral. The number of BIPs a child has each quarter is also used to help determine their Citizenship grade.

What is the difference between a BIP and a referral?

A referral is given for more serious violations of school rules. When a child is given a referral, they meet with an administrator who gives discipline consequences and discusses the incident. At that point, parents are usually contacted.

When should BIPs be returned, and what are the consequences for not returning them?

The white (top) copy of the BIP should be signed by the parent and returned the next school day. If a BIP is not signed and returned, the parent will be contacted. If the BIP is still not returned the next school day, the teacher will issue a referral for the missing BIP.

What if I, as a student, disagree with the BIP?

Always remain respectful to school staff, even if you feel the BIP is unfair. Do not disrupt the classroom to voice your disagreement. Instead, on the paper, there is a place for you to explain your version of what happened. If you think there is a misunderstanding and you should not receive the BIP, talk to the staff member who gave you the BIP in private.

What if I, as a parent, disagree with the BIP?

Please do not write a response directly on the BIP. This can undermine your student's relationship with the staff member, if the student believes you do not support the school policies. Instead, directly contact the staff member who gave the BIP by email or phone. This allows you to get all the details of the incident and to express any concerns you have. If you are not satisfied with how the staff member resolves the situation, you should then contact an administrator about the issue.

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