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State Standards


Because of our school’s emphasis on appropriating academic time for achieving and exceeding state academic curricular standards, the expectation of the students is to master and exceed district and state standards in each curricular area. All Liberty School’s curriculum is aligned with the district curriculum and the Arizona State Standards. Grade level packets of the aligned standards are shared and discussed with parents at Curriculum Night each fall.


Liberty Traditional School is a cooperative effort of parents and staff working together to create and uphold a positive, patriotic, highly structured, and challenging core academic learning environment for every student. As partners, we challenge all our children to reach their full potential as life-long learners and responsible citizens.

Literature and Phonics

Liberty Traditional School is an alternative school of choice within the Humboldt Unified School District that will provide a quality education for every student regardless of race, religion, cultural background and intellectual ability. Our high standards are achieved through a rigorous back-to-basics traditional curriculum including systematic phonics instruction, reading, mathematics, science, history, geography, and enrichment through music, art and computers. This provides students with the opportunity to meet or exceed state standards and is achieved by protected academic time, high parental involvement, and productive parent/teacher communication. 


A standardized handwriting program is taught in grades K - 8, with cursive writing introduced no later than third grade, based on the child's ability. Neatness and legibility of penmanship are stressed through daily drill. To prepare students for filling out forms, an annual review of printing is conducted. The Writing Road to Reading is the text for handwriting.


The Spalding Method, a solid phonetics-based program, which consistently teaches spelling rules, is part of the language arts curriculum. Spelling is also emphasized in daily writing.


Each student will memorize and recite for the teacher, one selection of either prose or poetry at least once a grading period.

English and Composition

The English program includes daily practice and drill in fundamental grammar and its rules and usage. Each Liberty student is expected to be able to express himself in a grammatically correct manner that emphasizes clarity of thought and preciseness in spelling and penmanship. A variety of writing experience is provided at each grade level including creative writing and poetry.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum emphasizes the study of geography and history, but also includes the study of civics and economics as they fit into the curriculum. Memorization of important geographic and historical data is required. Current events are also presented. 


The science program includes physical, biological and earth sciences.