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Reading Counts

Scholastic Reading Counts!

Reading Counts! is a reading comprehension program created by Scholastic. This program allows students to improve reading skills on an individual level. Each book is evaluated by Scholastic and assigned a Lexile number and a point value. Through the Scholastic Reading Inventory, a part of the Reading Counts! program, a reading assessment determines the Lexile level of each student. The points are awarded by passing a computerized quiz. SRI Lexile Tests: At the beginning of each quarter*, students take an assessment called the SRI, or Scholastic Reading Inventory. This test determines the student’s Lexile number. In the LTS Library, the books are marked by color to show the Lexile range. To ensure the right level of challenge, students should check out books within their Lexile range.

You can check out the link to the Scholastic e-catalog or talk with your student’s teacher for questions about choosing books! You can also download the color coded Lexile chart to verify the Liberty Library books your student may bring home to read.

Reading Counts Quizzes: After completely reading the book, students take a 10 question quiz on the computer. Each quiz is designed to test the students reading comprehension over the chosen book, which is why finishing the book before taking a quiz is important. A passing score, 8 or more correct answers, awards the entire point value of the book to the student. A score of 7 or lower is not passing, and no points will be given. Students may read the book again and retry the quiz for points. After failing a quiz three times, the book is locked for the individual student and no points will be awarded. Each quarter, students have a point goal which will be reported on the report card.