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Library Policies


Student Library Policies – Liberty Traditional School

Library Rules

Use quiet voices – no yelling.  No running.

Return check out permission slip (every year)

No food or drink in the library – NO water bottles

No backpacks will be allowed at any time.  Sit only in assigned seats. 

No tipping back in chairs.  

        Students must have a signed permission slip from their teacher to come to the library

Use shelf marker sticks.  Push in chairs before leaving

Follow all normal school wide and library behavior rules


        KG students may check out one book at a time from the “E” section only.

              They may not take their books home

        1st grade students may check out one book at a time from the “E” section only

        2nd grade students may check out one book from the “E” or Early Chapter sections  

        3rd and 4th grade students may check out two books from any section except Reference      

        5th through 8th grade students may check out two books of their choice 

      from any section except Reference.  A third book will be allowed

      for curriculum use – i.e.: literature sets, long term reports

              “MS” books may only be checked out by students in 5th through 8th grades 

              “1” books may only be checked out one at a time.  A student may not

              have two “1” books at the same time.  “1” books will not be renewed.

Overdue, Damages

         All library books are due every week.  

         K – 5 have no fines for overdue books

         1st week overdue – verbal reminder

         2nd week overdue – printed reminder given to teacher

         3rd week overdue – printed reminder mailed to parents

         A student may check out new books only if his/her book(s) have been returned 

         Students may renew books three times

         The student must bring his/her book to the library for it to be renewed 

         A fine of $5.00 will be assessed if a student damages or removes a barcode 


Damaged books must be paid for in amounts determined by the library specialist: 

$2.00 – standard damage fine          $4.00 – excessive or willful damage fine

 Full replacement cost – lost books or irreparable damage


Book care

Keep books in a safe place where animals can’t chew them and younger

      siblings can’t get them.  Keep books away from food and water.

Don’t write in books or tear the pages.  Use a bookmark – don’t bend pages

If you check out a book, you are responsible for it. 

        Do not lend your library book to anyone for any reason.


        Book check out will not be allowed if any of the following occurs.

        Students:  Have not returned their book(s) or have outstanding fines.

                Run and chase other students in the library

        Hit someone or sword fight with the shelf marker sticks

                        Are disruptive or ignore warnings to cease any inappropriate behavior.

6th, 7th, and 8th grades only

         All books that are one week overdue will begin to accrue a 5 cent per day late fee.