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Mission & Goals

Mission Statement

At Liberty Traditional School we create and uphold a challenging, patriotic environment that encourages our students to own their academic successes. Our highly structured, academic culture gives priority to basic traditional skills and values so our students learn to become positive role models in their community.

History and Organization

Liberty Traditional School is an alternative K-8 school in the Humboldt Unified School District, established for the purpose of teaching basic skills. Through the energies of many parents in the area, the Humboldt Unified School District Governing Board established Liberty Traditional School as an alternative school of choice in 1994. It began at the Bradshaw Mountain Middle School campus as a K-6 school. Now the school educates kindergartners through eighth graders and is located at 3300 Lake Valley Road.

Traditional/Classical Structure

The method of instruction features direct teacher instruction blended with technology, depth of knowledge activities and collaborative projects and discussions.

  • Students are taught with high expectations for academic performance and behavior.
  • Grades K-4 are self-contained with heterogeneous groupings
  • Grades 5-8 are departmentalized with core content and elective/enrichment classes
  • Students’ desks face the teacher’s primary instructional area to create an environment that fosters collaborative learning and individual accountability.
  • Each teacher utilizes direct instruction (whole group teaching) while creating opportunities for collaboration and small group learning activities.
  • Students are required to be engaged from bell to bell. Classroom activities not directly related to academic tasks are kept to a minimum.

The kindergarten through eighth grade curriculum is taught using direct teaching techniques, whole class instruction and approved teaching methods.  The phonics based Spalding program is the basis of the LTS reading program in grades K-4, and is then integrated into all grades to strengthen reading fluency skills. Included in the curriculum are art, library, music, computer and physical education. Resource, gifted classes, and Title 1 reading groups are also provided at LTS.

                Students engaged in a traditional/classical school become adept in three major tasks:

o   they first develop and refine the tools utilized in gathering facts and ideas

o   then they learn to logically organize those facts and ideas

o   they then practice using those facts and ideas to express conclusions